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Sunday, November 24, 2013

November 24, 2013

GREEN updates, 2 year old compost has been moved to the garden (we'll spread it out in the next couple months, but still harvesting tons of Kale, carrots, leeks, celery, collards, beets, fennel) maybe February!. Hired tractor job, what a lot of beautiful black gold.  Soaring Hearts Farm is going SOLAR! Sometime in December an 8KWH, made in Washington solar installation on the sunny south side of the barn roof, will become reality. It's a deal I could not ignore, the system will pay for itself in 3 years! A better investment than my retirement 401K and it will come close to paying my electric bill for the next 25 years at least. IF I live that long! This is a 12 year long dream coming true, a tiny investment in the longevity of our planet...I hope.

10 does bred so far, two youngsters to go, going to be really busy in February and April. Probably by mid March I will be saying "what was I THINKING", but for now, new enclosures being set up and early preparations being made. Barn full of hay everyone healthy except Muppim, who at nearly 7 has gone downhill rapidly. Hopefully I have intervened with worming, nutritional support and iron to turn him around. He has two bred does here, one outside and possibly a third here. Bred him to his lovely daughter Vanilla Sugar for some strong line breeding hoping to concentrate some of his exceptional aspects.  Will definitely be keeping the best buckling from Delight or Brown Sugar this year. 

Pumpkins, applesauce and birthdays with the grandkids help round out the fall agenda.

1:30 pm pst 

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Winter Wonderland!
The snow has been falling steadily for the past few days. What that means on the farm is more indoor time for all of the farm animals EXCEPT the Dogs! They love the snow.
 Goats aren't fond of, but do fine in the snow as long as they have a place to escape wind and wet, but they do still need good ventilation.At this time of year I actually let stall bedding build up a bit as the manure and urine help create some heat. However, amonia fumes can cause respiratory problems. Several things I have learned over the years include placing bedding pellets in the base of the stall and regularly top dress with wasted hay (they do this for me!), and straw. I also keep the doors to the stall open since most of the areas are draft free and this helps with air circulation. Also, If I can smell it, they are breathing it...this is my clue that it is time to add bedding, or clean it out.
The second thing to be concerned about is fresh water that is not frozen. This is true for all of the farm animals. Over the years I have carried many buckets of warm water and broken ice on stock tanks. Last year, I purchased a heated water bucket and stock tank de-icer. Of course with goats extra care to keep them from access to chew the cords is important...but I want to tell you how nice it is to only carry two small buckets for one distant goat shelter and the poultry.
For pregnant does, excersize is really important. Whenever the weather lets up a bit I am outside encouraging movement and play, sometimes even walking a doe around the house. Enter content here




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