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Friday, October 11, 2013

Thursday October 10th
Just a quick update on the mini Nubian, Nigerian dwarf and surprise...Nubian population on Soaring Heart's Farm this fall. When it rains around here it pours. From a drought of doelings in 2012 to a storm of them in 2013. Currently we are up to 5 Sr mini Nubian does (all with CH or RCH wins), 3 mini Nubian Jr does who will be bred this year, and 4 more to be left open as they were late spring, early summer kids, and one still for sale to right home. There are 3 Sr Nigerian dwarf does now and one nigie girl left to find a new home. A surprise came in the form of two Nubians a month ago as well. Belle will be staying on at least a year for new 1st gen minis but Juliet will be sold bred to Root Beer. The kids can be registered as grade mini Nubians. That's 19! I think. Mini Nubian Sr bucks 4 and two Jr bucks. Finally Muppim and Star. Total 27 goats...serious goat hoarding going on here. Several of the bucks are for sale to the right homes and if everyone finds those new homes we could be down to 21, but I am not really expecting that to happen. It is going to be a busy and beautiful spring with mini Nubian baby ears flying across the pasture.

Once again I surprised myself by winning the Sweepstakes in the Agriculture Department of the Evergreen State Fair...who knew...I'mafarmer! lady. The best story of all are the "Best in Show" Macoun Apples harvested off neighbor Jane's tree.

So far about 200 lbs of organic fruits and vegetables have been donated to the Snohomish Food bank this year. There is still plenty of Kale, just finding time to pick it and get it there fresh remaining challenge. Even with the interesting weather challenges this summer, the garden has been fruitful.
12:28 am pdt 

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Winter Wonderland!
The snow has been falling steadily for the past few days. What that means on the farm is more indoor time for all of the farm animals EXCEPT the Dogs! They love the snow.
 Goats aren't fond of, but do fine in the snow as long as they have a place to escape wind and wet, but they do still need good ventilation.At this time of year I actually let stall bedding build up a bit as the manure and urine help create some heat. However, amonia fumes can cause respiratory problems. Several things I have learned over the years include placing bedding pellets in the base of the stall and regularly top dress with wasted hay (they do this for me!), and straw. I also keep the doors to the stall open since most of the areas are draft free and this helps with air circulation. Also, If I can smell it, they are breathing it...this is my clue that it is time to add bedding, or clean it out.
The second thing to be concerned about is fresh water that is not frozen. This is true for all of the farm animals. Over the years I have carried many buckets of warm water and broken ice on stock tanks. Last year, I purchased a heated water bucket and stock tank de-icer. Of course with goats extra care to keep them from access to chew the cords is important...but I want to tell you how nice it is to only carry two small buckets for one distant goat shelter and the poultry.
For pregnant does, excersize is really important. Whenever the weather lets up a bit I am outside encouraging movement and play, sometimes even walking a doe around the house. Enter content here




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