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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

It has been an incredibly busy year. This was my first year working off farm since building the mini nubian herd. I love my job at Premera coaching folks with chronic diseases to help achieve their health goals. Has me looking at some of my own! This is my third year going to the local "Y" for Aqua Zumba workouts. Due to chronic musculoskeletal injuries this is the best way for me to stay in shape and maintain my physical abilities to play with goats, clean out stalls and garden.

This past year I was the show chair for the first annual Northwest All Breed Goat Club MDGA sanctioned mini dairy goat show. Now, I have only shown my goats in one show before this...and to say I knew next to nothing about how to run a show is putting it mildly! However, with the assitance and support of the goat club members and Andrea Green the owner/registrar/manager of the MDGA, it went really well! My neighbor girl Emma showed her choice doe Jelly (Angelica's Gift) and they earned a CH leg and best udder! Jelly and Vanilla Sugar went to Evergreen Fair in 4H with Emma and were very popular in that barn!

Most of the does are bred (fingers crossed behind back) to kid in February and April. We are hoping for more does this year, PLEASE:-).

There are a few new faces in the herd this year. "Sugar" a sweet gentle nubian doe is here thanks to Julie Jarvis of Animal Crackers Farm. Sugar is bred to Muppim for 1st gen 50/50 kids. Two doelings from Ariel Mars of Hidden Creek (the last of the kids to be born on her farm), Zion and Vision have come to stay. They were dam raised without much handling and are the spookiest goats on the place, but we are working with them and they are coming around slowly. New doelings from last year's crop include Vanilla Sugar a nigie sweetheart. I promised Brown Sugar she could keep one this year since she does such a fine job raising all her kids. Vanilla is a charmer and a gorgeous little girl. Mikey Rooney and Liz Taylor are 1st gen 50/50 out of Velvet by Muppim. Wildly spotted and showing the promise of both parents, they are sticking around for at least the short term. And finally Root Beer a lovely buckling out of Angelica's Gift by Bravo. He lost his brother to a bizare accident. He was originally slated for neuter, but he just developed into such a nice buckling that he earned a place. He is being bred to two does this year, and then may need to move to a nice farm not too far away!
 AND check out the Guard llama page!
Sadly, Svenna the young Fjord mare is for sale. I had an auto accident last spring and I am just not able to work with her enough. She needs a new home where she will be worked with and allowed to grow. If you know anyone who might be interested in a very nice Fjord, send them my way.

We have had a mild fall and winter here and the garden is still quite productive. Harvesting the last of the tomatoes this week from greenhouse! Those seed catalogs are coming in and I am busy making my list.

Here is to wishing you all a great 2013. And I hope I can figure out how to build blog posting into my life. At least the website is updated with all the critters now.
2:06 pm pst 

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Winter Wonderland!
The snow has been falling steadily for the past few days. What that means on the farm is more indoor time for all of the farm animals EXCEPT the Dogs! They love the snow.
 Goats aren't fond of, but do fine in the snow as long as they have a place to escape wind and wet, but they do still need good ventilation.At this time of year I actually let stall bedding build up a bit as the manure and urine help create some heat. However, amonia fumes can cause respiratory problems. Several things I have learned over the years include placing bedding pellets in the base of the stall and regularly top dress with wasted hay (they do this for me!), and straw. I also keep the doors to the stall open since most of the areas are draft free and this helps with air circulation. Also, If I can smell it, they are breathing it...this is my clue that it is time to add bedding, or clean it out.
The second thing to be concerned about is fresh water that is not frozen. This is true for all of the farm animals. Over the years I have carried many buckets of warm water and broken ice on stock tanks. Last year, I purchased a heated water bucket and stock tank de-icer. Of course with goats extra care to keep them from access to chew the cords is important...but I want to tell you how nice it is to only carry two small buckets for one distant goat shelter and the poultry.
For pregnant does, excersize is really important. Whenever the weather lets up a bit I am outside encouraging movement and play, sometimes even walking a doe around the house. Enter content here




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